White Dove’ Welcomed New Year 2021 with the Virtual Dialogue on Contribution of Youth Leaders in Peace Building

The project ‘White Dove’ is committed to establishing peace in society through women’s empowerment and prevention of violence against women. It is one of the four projects of Women Peace Cafe JKKNIU in this phase. To fulfil its commitment, project ‘White Dove’ arranged a different session for its members and volunteers previously and this Programme was the last Programme of the year 2020. The session started at sharp 7 pm through Facebook live and ended up at 7.45 pm on 31st December.


The Programme was moderated by Jesmin Khatun group coordinator and Sanjida Rumpa volunteer of ‘White Dove’ and there were two invited guests in the guest panel: Samira Akter Siyam, Ministry of Operation, Aachol Foundation and Md. Yusuf, President, Prothom Alo Bondhushava, JKKNIU.

Jesmin Khatun welcomed every participant and Sanjida Rumpa gave a short brief about the Programme. Sanjida Rumpa asked the two honourable guests how they are passing their days during this pandemic period and the guests talked about various activities what they are doing in their house. Sanjida Rumpa requested the guest Samira Akter Siyam to talk about the aims and activities of her foundation and she gave a vivid description about it. Then Md. Yusuf talked about the activities of JKKNIU Bondhushava in 2020. Samira Akter talked about her achievements in 2020 and Md Yusuf talked on the plans of JKKNIU Bondhushava in 2021. Both guests shared their thoughts about project ‘White Dove’ and highly praised the initiative and activities by them and assured to help ‘White Dove’ from their sides. In the end, the guests expressed their thoughts on “What should be the youth’s motto in 2020”. Samira Akter told that ‘Youth for Youth’ this should be the motto of 2021. Youths should help each other to establish peace in the society. Md. Yusuf said that he thinks the motto should be Technology’s proper use and youth’s prosperity’. The guests also talked about the activities of youths of universities for improving themself in future.

Group coordinator Jesmin Khatun gave the vote of thanks to the guests, mentor and volunteers and declared the ending of the Programme. The project ‘White Dove’ is financially supported by UN Women and technically supported by ‘Centre for Peace and Justice of Brac University’. Duration of the project is from October 2020 – February 2021.