White Dove project successfully published the result of “Uddokta Kothon” competition

The project “White Dove” is committed to establishing peace in society through women’s empowerment and prevention of violence against women. It is one of the 4 projects of Women Peace Cafe JKKNIU in this phase.

“White Dove” project recently called a writing competition named “Uddokta Kothon” for its volunteers to write about their thinking on being entrepreneurs and story of entrepreneurs from 08-13 December.  The competition was categorized into two types: 1. Uddokta Kothon (Entrepreneurs Story) 2. Uddoktay Shonirvorota (Thinking about being an Entrepreneur).


Each category winner was two participants & total there were four winners. The result announcement Programme started at 16 December on the occasion of National Victory Day and the name of result publication Programme was “Bijoy Diboshe Bijoyini”. The Programme started at 8.00 pm and finished at 8.40 pm on victory day.

The Programme was moderated by two volunteers of project ” White Dove” Sanjida Akter and Marzia Sultana.

Sanjida Akter explained the great contribution of all freedom fighters’ women who helped in the Liberation war of Bangladesh. Jesmin Khatun thanked all who organized that contest, wished all participants & being grateful to judges.


Sanjida Islam Era, project member, to explain the contest. She said that it was a very short time competition with short notice.In future there will be more contest with more planning.

Then Rafia Islam Vabna, project member of “White Dove” highlighted the contribution of women freedom fighters in 1971. She said that there were many women who contributed to our liberation war.

Finally, Rafia Islam Vhabna shared her “Vote of Thanks” to all participants, judges and team members for celebrating the victory day with great joy. She wished that in future “White Dove” will arrange more attractive initiatives and work for women’s empowerment and all types of violence against women.

The whole Programme was technically maintained by Shohan Mahmud Mridul. The project is financially supported by “UN Women” and technically supported by “Centre for Peace and Justice of Brac University”. Duration of the project is from October 2020 – February 2021.