“White Dove” project successfully completed Virtual Viva Meet Up – 2020

The project “White Dove” is committed to establishing peace in society through women’s empowerment and prevention of violence against women. It is one the initiative project amongst  4 others of Women Peace Cafe of JKKNIU.
To fulfil Its commitment to the project “White Dove” called for selecting  25 female volunteers and finally organised it’s 2 days long Virtual  Viva where nearly 65 female students of different universities were responded.
The Viva programme started at 10.00 am and finished at 11.30 am on 24 & 25 November 2020.
The project was moderated by Rafiya Islam Vhabna, project member of team “White Dove”. She welcomed all applicants and asked Jesmin Khatun, Project Coordinator, to give a short briefing on this project.
Jesmin Khatun was pleased and shared her project motives to the applicants then she asked ‘Mr. Sadik Hasan Shuvo’, Project Mentor of “White Dove” to start the inaugurate the viva programme by questioning.
‘Mr. Sadik Hasan Shuvo’ also thanked all applicants and said about how to bring economic prosperity among community women by selling their handmade product in online marketing, make them more confident and what will be the responsibility of volunteers in this project.
‘Raunak Jahan Moushi’, Project Assistant of Centre for Peace and Justice, Brac University was the guest of this two days long event. She also expressed her thoughts on this project and she hoped that all of the volunteers would make the best platform for making society more peaceful and violence would reduce by hardworking and potentialities of such a project like this. She also thanked the whole team.
The viva was based on sharing some basic information of applicants like hard and soft skills of them, how they cooperate with this project, if they had any previous experience or experiences about making peaceful society, social working and mostly they have entrepreneurship skills or not.
After the viva, applicants shared their review too. They are eagerly wanted to work with such a great project and they wished that “White Dove ” would be the most effective platform for community women.
 All these female students were mostly from JKKNIU but also from BAU, JU, DU, RU, KU, KUET, SAU, CU, Eden Women College, National University, Nasirabad University College Mymensingh, Barisal Low College, Muminunnisa Govt. Women College, Ananda Mohan College, Home Economics College Dhaka and so on.
The whole viva was technically maintained by Shohan Mahmudviva questions were asked by 4 Women Peace Ambassadors of this project, Jesmin Khatun, Jakia Sultana, Sanzida Islam Era and Shanjana Khatun.
The project is financially supported by “UN Women” and technically supported by “Centre for Peace and Justice of Brac University”. Duration of the project is from October 2020 – February 2021