“White Dove” project successfully completed virtual orientation of volunteers

Project ‘White Dove’ is one of the projects of “Women Peace Cafe, JKKNIU” which conducted the volunteer orientation programme with the dream of building women entrepreneurs.  Project member Rafia Islam Vhabna moderated the program. Orientation was held by zoom meeting on Monday, 30th November at 4.30 pm.

Chief Mentor of Women Peace Cafe Md. Wali Ullah and Program Coordinator of CPJ, BracU Nilufa Sultana Sheta were present as special guests on the occasion. Another two guest speakers were two young women entrepreneurs of the Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam  University who are working successfully during the COVID 19 Pendamic period. Afia Ibnat, a student of Public Administration and Governance Studies and Md. Omar Faruque, Vice-President of JKKNIU Career Club, Ibnul Haider Naqib, Former President of JKKNIU Skill Development Club and Mohammad Yusuf, President of JKKNIU  Prothom Alo Bandhusabha were also present as guests. In the cultural segment a poem regarding peace was recited by Atiya Sharmila Ankhi, a student of the department of philosophy at Jatiya Kabi Kazibi Nazrul Islam University.

Jesmin Khatun, the Group Coordinator, welcomed the guests,  fresher’s and whole team members at the beginning of the program. She said, “White Dove” is a platform for women who dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Hopefully, with their cooperation and work, White Dove will reach to the door of success.” Chief Mentor Md. Wali Ullah said that the role of this project is to make women self-reliant. He assured that the entire team of Women Peace Cafe will always be by the side of these entrepreneurs and ‘White Dove’ in any collaboration. At the same time, he urged all the volunteers to move forward with firm conviction. Mr Sadik Hasan Shuvo, Mentor of the project, briefed about the project, “White Dove” is a platform for women from all over Bangladesh.  Where they can sell any quality product made by their hands such as handicrafts, showpieces, clothes,  ornaments etc. The scope of ‘White Dove’ is unlimited. Nilufa Sultana Sheta, Program Coordinator, CPJ, BracU said, “This idea of ​​women entrepreneurs in the ‘White Dove’ project is commendable. When a group of young women work together to establish peace, it will inspire others. She wishes the selected volunteers well”.

All the guest speakers share their story of entrepreneurship for young people, which was very inspiring. Afia Ibnat told the story of her becoming an entrepreneur. It is through hard work, honesty and willpower that she has been able to stand by her family today. Monira Khatun, a women entrepreneur,  said that she became an entrepreneur because of the urge to do something on her own. She wanted to prove herself through work without sitting at home without any family help. She expressed her credit and gratitude to Mr Sadiq Hasan Shubh Sir for his courage, inspiration and cooperation in setting goals in difficulties. All the guests present at the program also greeted the young volunteers and wished them overall success in the ‘White Dove’ project. On behalf of the volunteers, Ananya Dev Roy, a student of the Department of Economics, JKKNIU and Nafisa Sadia, a student of Mymensingh Nursing College, expressed their feelings. They wished success of ‘White Dove’ and said that the inspiration gained from today’s program will help them build themselves.

Zakia Sultana, a member of the ‘White Dove’ project, gave a concluding speech thanking everyone who was involved in this wonderful event. The journey of the ‘White Dove’ project started on October 2nd of this year. The objective of this project is to help vulnerable women by motivating, training up and later collecting and promoting their products to build them as an entrepreneur and another objective is to empower women and build a peaceful community. The five-month project is being funded by UN Women, Center for Peace and Justice (CPJ), Brac University and Women’s Peace Cafe of Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University’s (JKKNIU).