White Dove organized virtual programme on Women’s Health Care During Pandemic

The project “White Dove” is committed to establishing peace in society through women’s empowerment and prevention of violence against women. It is one of the 4 projects of Women Peace Cafe JKKNIU. To fulfil the commitment to the project “White Dove” organized a live programme on health care named “Women’s Health Care During Pandemic” started at 8.00 pm and ended up at 9.25 pm on 23 December 2020.

The programme was moderated by Jakia Sultana, member of “White Dove” and Sanjida Akhter, volunteer of “White Dove”. The Mentor of this Project, Sadik Hasan Shuvo, Group Co-ordinator, Jesmin Khatun, all the project members, volunteers and more than 2000 audience viewed the live programme from the official Facebook page of “White Dove”. The honourable guest speakers were Dr Samiul Awal Sakshar, Resident Medical Officer of ICU at Evercare Hospital, Dhaka and Kasfia Kowser Mim, CEO and Founder of Mental Health Care.

Sadik Hasan Shuvo gave a short briefing on the project and welcomed guest speakers on behalf of the project. Dr Samiul Awal discussed on overall health care of people of any age and gender especially on women’s care, child care, pregnant women care during this pandemic. He also shared his experiences on volunteering works and inspired all in this issue. He shared a lot of things about rumours related to health care, taking nutritious foods, impacts of social media, positive and negative sides of health hazard and advised all to maintain physical distance, wear a mask and not to be stressed and be relaxed.

Kasfia Kowser mentioned some important issues like depression, its effects on health, suicidal issues and how to get rid of it by doing some initiative and developing their own inner positivism and spread it to others. She also focused on the mental health of youth as well as their thinking, shared some cases and suggested all to treat thyself first and be energetic ever.

Jesmin Khatun, Group Co-Ordinator, shared her vote of thanks to guests, audiences and all team members. She wished that everyone will follow the suggestions from experts and ended up the live programme. The whole live programme was technically maintained by ‘Shohan Mahmud Mridul’, member of “White Dove”. The project is financially supported by “UN Women” and implemented and supported by “Centre for Peace and Justice of Brac University”. Duration of the project is from October 2020 – February 2021.